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  • What is eMolecules?
    eMolecules is the world’s most comprehensive openly accessible search engine for chemical structures. Each day, over 2,000 chemistry professionals visit our web site to find valuable information that helps them do their work more productively.

    What Makes eMolecules so Popular?
    A huge database of 8 million unique chemical structures from 22 million sources
    Unparalleled search speed—typically just seconds.
    Chemical data from more than 150 suppliers, with standard quarterly updates and weekly updates as necessary.
    The ability to search by drawing chemical structures or substructures using common industry tools — ISIS/Draw, ChemDraw, ChemSketch and JME.
    More than 4 million commercially available screening compounds and hundreds of thousands of building blocks and intermediates.
    Reference links to many prominent sources of public data for spectra, physical properties and biological data, including NIST WebBook, National Cancer Institute, DrugBank and PubChem.
    Access to view and purchase chemical spectra.
    An online shopping cart, for requesting price quotes from select chemical suppliers.

    Who uses eMolecules?
    The typical eMolecules user is a research scientist, laboratory technician, student, or procurement manager seeking small-molecule chemical compounds.

    By area of specialization, typical users include:

    Function: lab chemists, analytical chemists, medicinal chemists, biochemists, and procurement managers.
    Industry: pharmaceutical drug discovery, biotechnology, research institutes, flavor and fragrance manufacturing, contract research organizations (CRO’s), contract manufacturing organizations (CMO’s), and legal (patent search).
    Academic: university labs, professors, graduate students, librarian reference.

    How Does eMolecules Help Chemical Suppliers?
    The Public eMolecules Search Engine
    Along with many other pieces of information, the eMolecules search results identify suppliers of any given compound. These chemical suppliers receive potential customers directly from the eMolecules website. Learn how to get your chemical catalog into the eMolecules search engine

    Private Catalog Hosting
    In addition to its public search engine, eMolecules also provides private, customized search services to chemical suppliers, allowing their own website visitors to search their chemical catalog, fill a shopping cart, and request online price quotes. Learn more about catalog hosting

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